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Among the many courses offered by JobsAcademy pertaining to professions that will be in high demand by companies in the future is the Digital Marketing course.

JAC’s Digital Marketing course trains professionals in the digital world, thanks to the teaching of professional teachers who come directly from the corporate world and successful entrepreneurs who pass on their know-how to students. In fact, the main objective is precisely to pass on those values and skills that in the working field are necessary if you want to act correctly.

The training plan consists of 2 years in which students will not only have classes taught by professionals in the subject (thus through a direct approach in a professional environment), but also 2 internship experiences thanks to which they will be able to put into practice everything learned in the classroom. In addition to all this, there is also the third-year specialization option, which consists of an additional year of study aimed at obtaining a bachelor’s degree.

The third-year option of study is not as mandatory as the first 2 years, but it is an option that JAC makes possible for students who want to continue their academic journey. This allows you to enrich your skill set and industry knowledge and become a true expert in the field in which you want to specialize.

  1. What is Digital Marketing
  2. A 360-degree Digital Marketing Training Course.
  3. JAC’s Digital Marketing Course Subjects
  4. Digital Marketing Career Outlets

What is Digital Marketing?

We already know the term marketing and assuming it in the digital sphere does not seem that difficult, but despite this there are still few people who know it well.

So what exactly is meant by digital marketing?

Digital marketing represents the evolution of traditional marketing, in the digital sphere precisely. Doing digital marketing means knowing and using the most appropriate tools to conduct research, analysis, and projects, with the goal of defining a digital marketing strategy.

There are many areas of digital marketing to consider, which is why the course JAC offers is structured precisely to bring together everything you need to know about this 360º world. The most common subjects that make up the world of digital marketing are:

  • Social media
  • E-mail Marketing
  • The Websites and E-commerce
  • Advertising
  • Content marketing

In addition to these there are numerous tools that can be used; the digital marketing course will help you learn about them all.

Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

As mentioned earlier, digital marketing represents the evolution of traditional marketing, but what do we mean by this?

What differentiates digital marketing from traditional marketing are the extra resources you can use to do your job. Dealing with the digital world allows you to take advantage of a lot of new opportunities; in fact, it is very difficult to find companies that have not yet defined their online presence, where most communications now take place. It has become almost natural to consider digital as the first option, which is why knowing the web and all its features can be beneficial, because it is exactly what companies want and are looking for.

Although traditional marketing has enabled you to achieve great results, digital marketing allows you to go further, partly because of the implementation of certain digital channels such as email marketing, ads, social, and E-commerce.

Since the early days of marketing, all these advanced tools did not exist, but nevertheless, great results were achieved. So, think of what could be accomplished with the total knowledge of the web and its software available on the market!

Another element that differentiates the two types of marketing is the “devices“, i.e., the place where communication between company and customer takes place. Among the most popular devices are:

  • Desktop Computer
  • Mobile (the smartphone)
  • Tablet

Each of these devices has special characteristics, which is why it is important to know them thoroughly, in order to carry out successful, ad hoc communication geared to the customers’ desires. This for a marketing activity is crucial.

A 360-degree digital marketing training course

The digital marketing training course offered by JAC allows you to learn everything there is to know about the digital world, teaching you how to move and navigate in a sea seemingly known to everyone, but which in reality hides a sea of secrets.

The method used by JAC makes it possible to show students how professionals in the field approach the subject matter: through the “learning by doing” method, teachers from the business world pass on their “know-how” and skills to all students, enhancing everyone’s professional growth.

Students thus find themselves working on real projects, based on existing data and existing companies, using high-level tools and software, so that in internships they are not caught unprepared.

In the 2 years of training you will be dealing with more specific subjects and more general subjects, but these will serve the student to complete his knowledge of the digital field.

Subjects of the Digital Marketing course in JAC

So far we have told you about digital marketing in general, but why don’t we go more specific?

Some elements have already been mentioned previously, but now we will outline some of the subjects of the Digital Marketing training course, which will enable you to know the web like the back of your hand:

  • Introduction to digital marketing: course in which the world of digital marketing, its history and evolution over time will be introduced;
  • Social media management: course in which the main Social Media, their history, characteristics, market trends and uses will be explained;
  • Email marketing: the importance of Email marketing campaigns and how to write successful emails and newsletters will be explained;
  • Google Ads: in this course you will deal with the Google universe, learn about it, how to structure ads on the search engine and all its dynamics;
  • Inbound Marketing:course in which the importance of the user in a marketing strategy will be explained, how to keep them close and develop a relationship of mutual trust between company and customer that lasts over time;
  • Outbound marketing: course in which the various tools that can be used to do marketing through paid advertising and their pros and cons will be explained;
  • Databases and CRM: course in which important notions will be learned about the history and evolution of the Internet, how a database is programmed, how Access works, what a CRM is and why it is essential to a marketing strategy;
  • Spreadsheets: course in which the basic elements of Excel, one of the most important tools for any marketing strategy, will be explained;
  • SEO & SEM: course in which the importance and difference between Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing will be explained;
  • Content Marketing: course in which the processes for creating valuable content that makes sales and customer loyalty will be explained;
  • Marketing Automation: course in which the most important automation platforms will be explained;

Digital Marketing Career Outlets.

Due to the comprehensiveness of the course and all the skills that are acquired, the jobs that can be done in digital marketing are numerous. Companies need people who can maintain an active online presence and always generate opportunities to expand and increase their authority.

Once you complete the training course you will be able to:

  • Develop online strategies
  • Create and activate Ads campaigns
  • Manage the social profiles of companies or individuals
  • Become a project manager
  • Become an expert in Inbound/Outbound Marketing
  • Manage an E-commerce / Website
  • Become an SEO Specialist
  • Diventare un Web Marketing Specialist
  • Become a Content Creator
  • Become a Social Media Manager
  • Becoming a Digital Marketing Manager

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