JAC Business Game


[from Latin extraordinarius, comp. of extra “outside” and ordo -dĭnis “order” (cf. ordinarius “ordinary”)]

This is the word that has been with us these past few months.

JAC and all the students, after getting into the game with lectures and exams in distance learning, started the JAC Business Game, a digital event where JAC Talents get into the game to develop new business ideas and projects.

Business Game: what it is

The business game is an educational methodology that reproduces corporate and business dynamics in educational settings.

Using specific working methodologies, participants in a Business game collaborate together to develop project ideas on real business cases, stimulating their analytical, problem solving and leadership skills in a competitive and interactive environment in which the actions of all participants contribute to changing the variables at play.

JAC’s Business Game

In the “Soft skills and workshop I” training module, JobsAcademy offers its talents a contest, in which teams from each class will challenge each other to create and develop a solution following a “challenge” issued by a company in their industry. Each class will be divided into teams of 5 members and develop a project structured in 5 phases, during the period between November 17, 2020 and April 30, 2021.

During the monthly checkpoints, evaluation on the progress of the projects will take place and the ranking of the teams will be updated. In the last week, teams will present the completed project to a jury and contest winners will be awarded.

The project consists of

  • 11 different business idea challenges
  • 64 teams working on innovative project ideas
  • 5 facilitators following the teams
  • 7 companies in the country evaluating the projects

The people involved

Discovering together at this complex time for the world, leaving nothing behind, starting with education: this is our guiding goal. The JAC business Game involves the participation of professionals and entrepreneurs who accompany the Talents toward the unfolding of the various projects.

Specifically, the event will feature the participation of:

  • Deputy director: Coordinates the project
  • Facilitators: They monitor the progress of the team and organize work monitoring checkpoints together with companies
  • Masters for technical advice: They support talents on the merits of the project
  • Masters for soft-skills training: They activate specific training sessions on project.management, teamworking, leadership and effective communication.

Glimpse the opportunities of the JAC experience.

JobsAcademy was created to indulge everyone’s desire to be a protagonist and to inspire you to make your life something great. Desire is what we take to heart at the beginning of your journey, even before your skills, to help you achieve your personal, academic and professional goals.

At JAC, every day, you will have the opportunity to challenge yourself and grow as a person and a professional.

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