Economic and financial stability is fundamental for business growth and consolidation.

Aware of the importance of continuous investment and development, we have chosen to act with the utmost transparency, in a solid and loyal relationship with all our stakeholders.
Since 2020, all the Organisations submit their financial statements for voluntary auditing (commonly referred to as “certification of financial statements”) by one of the leading international auditing companies, Baker Tilly Revisa. We have chosen to undergo voluntary auditing as a tangible demonstration of transparency, correctness, responsibility and guarantee of reliability.

Public contributions received

In compliance with Italian Law 124/2017, article 1, paragraphs 125-129, the President of the Higher Technical Institute Foundation for new technologies for Made-in-Italy production – JobsAcademy publishes the sums it receives in the form of contributions from Public Authorities, which are shown in the annexes.

Contributions are also made in support of the Foundation by the founding partners and through the generosity of families and companies that share our purpose and take part in its realisation.