Unsecured loans

No-one will be left out for lack of funding
Daniele Nembrini, Founder

Since we are confident about our proposed educational courses and sure of the consequent job placement, we have established an agreement with Intesa Sanpaolo.

Therefore, in agreement with Intesa Sanpaolo, we offer you the opportunity to access customized financing.

An unsecured loan allows you to not incur any costs while you are studying, find a job, and only then begin to pay back the loan in accordance with a program set out specifically for you in accordance with the bank.

As of now, 216 Talents have taken advantage of the unsecured loan scheme.

What the loan entails

The partnerships formed by JobsAcademy allow students to access the Unsecured loan service to pay for their studies. The loan can be requested from October or November for a sum of 5,000.00 euros per year.

Once the rankings have been published and students have confirmed their place by paying the first instalment, they will be required to undergo an in-depth interview with an internal commission. Once approved, they will contact the relative branch to complete the necessary paperwork.

Purpose of the service

The main aim is educational; not only providing support for students with financial difficulties, but above all for those who want to support themselves during their studies.

Paying back the loan

After two years from the opening of the current account, a “bridging period” of one year begins, after which the loan will begin to be paid back. Payment is in accordance with a personalised plan at favourable interest rates, over a period of up to 10 years.

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