Business Area

The courses in this area are aimed at training professionals capable of successfully taking on roles in all types of company, overseeing the most critical and high-development working areas such as tax administration, staff administration and the legal status of the company.

All the courses share an innovative approach to instruments and processes, thanks to the involvement of the most well-established experts from the sector.
By attending a course in this area, you will be working in close contact with customers, colleagues, companies and institutions; precision and interpersonal relationships will form the focus of your efforts.


  • Advanced systems for staff and workflow management;
  • Design thinking and team-building processes;
  • Company systems, and payroll and contribution administration;
  • Protecting the rights of personnel and the company;
  • You will participate in the setting up of company welfare and will protect the rights of your colleagues and clients.

HR Management course

A Senior HR Management Technician is a specialist in the field of human resources and staff administration. The trained figure will be qualified to set up research and selection programmes, as well as staff training and enhancement programmes for both small and medium sized companies as well as large-scale and complex organisations.

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