Technical Area

The aim of the courses in this area is to train specialised technicians for industry, construction and robotics; fundamental drivers for the Italian economy and industry 4.0.

The diffusion and miniaturisation of electronic and computer components allows for the integration and interconnection of machinery, departments and decision-making processes. The main goal of a technician operating in this area is to increase manufacturing efficiency, optimise and reduce production costs and increase the design efficiency of new products and solutions with a view to continuous innovation.


  • Advanced production systems (both interconnected and modular) that allow for flexibility, performance and extremely high levels of automation;
  • Design thinking processes;
  • Industrial 3D printing processes that allow for the processing of items and other processes that would otherwise be impossible;
  • Nanotechnologies and intelligent materials;
  • Software platforms for the integration and exchange of data and information throughout the processes and the various stages of production of goods and services.

Industrial design course

The figure of Senior Industrial Manufacturing and Design Technician plays a role in a sector that represents Italian excellence worldwide. Growing evolution and transformation in the field of technology offers a range of opportunities for growth in the sector. Students will learn how to work with the latest software for creating and transforming new products.

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Mechatronics and Industry 4.0 Automation course

A Senior Mechatronics and Industry 4.0 Automation Technician is qualified to design, manufacture and programme automatic manufacturing machines and systems.

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