Marketing Area

The courses in this area are aimed at training figures that can successfully operate in the commercial, marketing and communication areas of a company.

The Projects are focused on fostering the company image and increasing the visibility, positioning and sales of companies through a series of digital and traditional processes that will be learned over the three-year course.


  • Elements of publishing;
  • Applications for the organisation of social networks;
  • Tools for the planning of events and the management of workflows;
  • Tools for the development of graphic marketing content (Adobe Suite);
  • Programmes for web analysis and digital marketing campaigns.

Export management course

The Project provides for lessons held entirely in English, and the formation of a class group comprised of Talents from various countries. Part of the course content will be developed abroad with the support of relative partners.

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Digital Marketing & social media course

A Senior Digital Marketing and Social Media Technician has full command of all the skills necessary to work within the field of marketing. At the end of the course, students will be able to plan strategies for all-round digital management, and to set up campaigns to increase company visibility and earnings.

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Marketing & Sales course

A Senior Marketing and Sales Technician is an expert in strategic commercial tactics. The marketing, sales and import-export sectors will be studied in depth.

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