Green Area

The courses in this area are aimed at training professionals in the field of Green Building and energy.

Green Building and Energy and Innovation are two projects aimed at revolutionising construction and infrastructure on a national level through the use of ecologically sustainable materials, innovative technology for the use and storage of energy, and energy from renewable sources.

Polymer transformation technology is aimed at training professionals capable of working in the production of plastic components. This means contributing to reducing waste production worldwide, as plastic can be 100% recycled if disposed of correctly.

Sustainable construction course

A Senior Green Building Technician is a highly innovative figure qualified to provide support to planners and companies in the construction sector, and has extremely specialised technical skills regarding ecological requirements, as well as the demands and new forms of technology related to Green Building.

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Energy and innovation course

A Senior Energy and Innovation Technician is a figure qualified to provide support to planners and installers involved in the production of thermal and electrical energy, in particular from renewable sources.
Furthermore, this course will allow students to obtain 3 forms of nationally recognised certification.

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Polymer transformation technology course

A Senior Polymer Transformation Technician is a professional figure with a high level of theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the various forms of technology related to the transformation of plastics, the choice of materials according to use, and the actual designing of plastic products.

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