The JAC Staff

Daniele Nembrini

Founder of the JobsAcademy Foundation

The JobsAcademy Foundation is headed by Daniele Nembrini, born in 1968, married and father of three children.

Daniele was born in Trescore Balneario (BG) and is the youngest of ten children. His vocation for education and training has distant roots; his father founded a “school-business” in 1956. This is why he is fond of claiming that the German dual system was actually invented in Italy.

He studied economics before founding The Organisations of the San Michele Arcangelo Group, which he heads, and has managerial experience in the banking and service sectors.
Our goal is to identify the best path – rarely the simplest – for each and every person to find not “a” job, but rather “their” job.
Daniele Nembrini, Founder

Each member of staff in the Organisations, whatever their role, is required to act as an Educator, through their own expression of humanity.

For us, to educate means to introduce people to reality, providing criteria for judgement through the constant exercising of freedom and responsibility.
Education is, in reality, communication of oneself and one’s way of facing reality, offering others a chance to find answers to their own questions.

The JAC staff

Federico Gabbiadini


Elisabetta Castelli


Liliana Poli


Tania Cavagnis


Cseh Ildiko


Antonella Zanoli

Operations – General Services

Pietro Caciolo


Clarens Nderjaku


Luca Tricca


Giulia Nembrini

international coordinator

Paola Bernardi Locatelli

HR and Personnel Administration, RDP

Diego Bernini

Software Area, RDP

Roberto Marchesi

Marketing and Sales, RDP

Dario Fusco

Green Building – Energy Efficiency, RDP

Valeria Moliterno

Industrial design, Polymer transformation technology, Meccatronica, RDP

Jurij Roncan

Digital marketing and social media, RDP

The Foundation focuses ever-increasing attention on the selection and training of its collaborators for all of the Organisations, setting out an assessment process organised over six levels to guarantee each new collaborator guidelines on values, techniques and function.

Having chosen its collaborators, the Foundation invests in a system known as the Total Rewarding System in accordance with which, in addition to salaries, it grants performance bonuses and welfare benefits.

In the same manner, the Foundation encourages its staff to undergo continuous training, dedicating specific lines of budget and setting out “stable training agreements” to ensure that each member of staff has the opportunity to invest in their own personal and professional growth.

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