In order to safeguard our Talents, their families, our collaborators and all the people who, for whatever reason, come into contact with the Organisations, JobsAcademy has, voluntarily and of its own free will, set up three Oversight Bodies.

There is no specific law governing such bodies, and we are the only organisation in Italy to operate in this manner; The Organisations of San Michele Arcangelo are, in fact, the first in Italy to have adopted such a strict system of oversight.

Anyone can contact these bodies in accordance with their various fields of responsibility by email.
Management of reports is carried out externally from the Foundation and is entrusted to independent professional figures who are able to guarantee the utmost confidentiality, competence and autonomy.

The Supervisory Body ensures that every single activity is carried out in compliance with the law, and that all actions conform to the Code of Ethics and the Organisational Model. It can be contacted via the email address organismodivigilanza.sma@gmail.com

The Ombuds Committee ensures that all activities are carried out in compliance with the Code of Conduct and in line with the Articles of Association, above all with regards to transparency, sobriety and correctness towards stakeholders. t can be contacted via the email address organismodigaranzia.sma@gmail.com

The purpose of the Security Committee is to minimise the risks faced by Talents and the people involved in the activities in various capacities. It oversees the responsibilities of the Foundation and ensures that all operators have the necessary skills to identify risks and implement remedies. It can be contacted via the email address organismodiprevenzione.sma@gmail.com