What is Cloud Computing?

In recent years, digital transformation is significantly changing the world of work, and companies are increasingly looking to cloud-based solutions to improve their efficiency and competitiveness. For this reason, it becomes crucial that professionals are able to make the most of cloud computing technologies.

In this context, the Cloud Development Project in collaboration with Microsoft, promoted by JobsAcademy, was born. Its aim is to train future super technicians in the public and private sectors, educating and developing techniques for Industry 4.0.

The two-year course aims to provide the latest software development techniques to fully exploit the potential of Cloud Computing. Students will have the opportunity to learn directly from professionals through a ‘learning by doing‘ method involving active participation in classrooms and laboratories. In addition, two professional internships of 400 hours each will be held during the two-year course, allowing students to come into direct contact with the world of work and put into practice what they have learnt.

At JobsAcademy, in addition to the training course, great importance is attached to the integral growth of its students. Each course is coordinated by a Project Manager, a professional who is familiar with the sector in which the future students will work, thus guaranteeing the coherence of the training course with market demands.

At the end of the two-year course, students will be able to qualify as Cloud Software Developers, Web Developers or DevOps Engineers. In addition, they will be able to obtain two Microsoft certifications: ‘Azure Developer Associate’ in the first year and ‘Azure Devops Engineer Expert’ in the second year.

It is also possible to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in the third year through one of our partner universities. The Cloud Development project in JobsAcademy is part of Ambizione Italia, an investment plan launched by Microsoft to support the digitalisation of the country, demonstrating its concrete commitment to supporting innovation and growth.