A Dowry for your Talent!

JobsAcademy Foundation, together with some of its partner companies, provides the opportunity to receive a dowry for your talent.

The high demand for new specialists required by the world of work is always on the rise, which is why, through collaboration with local companies, we have been able to allocate 30 scholarships to stimulate the desire of our future Talents, the workers of tomorrow!

This is an exclusive opportunity for Talent to grow and find their place in the world of work by attending one of the advanced training courses offered by the JobsAcademy Foundation.

The initiative envisages joining within a defined time frame, i.e. from 1 December to 13 January, in the 2022/2023 academic year.

This possibility is intended to offer the Talent not only the opportunity to be supported during his or her growth path, but also to achieve the integral realization of his or her person, by receiving a job offer and thus achieving his or her goals, his or her desires!

A theme that is very dear to us at the JobsAcademy Foundation is Talent. We are in fact convinced that every person possesses one, the skill lies in bringing it to the surface: this is why the first step in participating in this opportunity is a motivational interview with our developers.

A unique possibility, through which the Talent will be supported towards its realization, towards its happiness…

For more information contact us at info@fondazionejobsacademy.org