Human for Peace Ukraine

The ‘Human for Peace Ukraine’ project renews the Foundation’s commitment to those most in need

A grandmother with her 6 grandchildren accompanied by their mothers fleeing from the explosions that are reverberating through the streets of Pavlohrad and Irpin’. This is the story of Svitlana and her family, who, after travelling more than 2500 km through Poland, Germany and Austria, arrived in the municipality of Zandobbio in the province of Bergamo on Sunday.

They were welcomed by volunteers from the Meet Human Foundation, who took them in, accompanying them to their new home and providing them with initial care.

The group consists of 11 people, a grandmother with her six grandchildren (a boy of 14 and five children aged between 6 and 2) and their mothers. They are now all exhausted from the interminable journey that forced them to find makeshift shelters for days and are still struggling to reconcile with what they experienced.

The immediate response of the Human for Peace Ukraine‘ project was also possible thanks to the experience of the contacts and structure created with the Afghan Brothers project in August 2021.

In fact, in the past Meet Human Foundation had been contacted by the Christian Russia Foundation and the International Association of Families for Reception, and decided to respond with responsibility and momentum to the appeal by taking immediate action.

Even in this new and dramatic circumstance, we feel challenged in our freedom and responsibility, certain that even if we did everything we could to meet their concrete needs, their and our hearts would continue to yearn for happiness and to wait for more.” comments Francesco Napoli, Institutional Relations of the Group “It is with this awareness that we can continue to field ever new attempts to respond to human needs, without ever taking the place of their freedom and their complete fulfilment. It is a perfect demonstration of how charity and the need for peace are desires common to all men.

So the campaign to support Meet Human in this great challenge continues.

It will be possible to join either by donating time or by donating to the current account in the name of Meet Human Foundation

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