New CENED accredited course

Great news for the Sustainable Building course!

As of February 2020, the new “Energy Certification of Buildings” course has been officially accredited with “CENED” on behalf of the Lombardy Region.

The building certification course is one of the main modules of the Sustainable Building course, which students take during their first year of study.

CENED (Certificazione ENergetica EDifici) accreditation is a big step in the development of the course, which trains highly specialized figures in the field of sustainable building.

Cened energy certification

Cened energy certification is a process that allows a building to be evaluated and assigned an energy class that indicates its quality in terms of energy efficiency.

The goal of certification is to promote awareness of building consumption and to understand how to improve its efficiency.

The Lombardy Region, through the CENED body, is the main promoter of this type of certification thanks to an innovative approach toward energy efficiency and toward national and European indications on this issue.

The CENED training course allows you to become an energy certifier and obtain a certified qualification recognized by the market and companies in the green building sector.

CENED accredited course

Course recognition number assigned by the O.d.A. upon accreditation: 1218

Learn about the Sustainable Building course

JAC’s Sustainable Building course trains highly innovative figures who can collaborate and support designers and construction companies in the sustainable building sector.

This is a unique course in Italy, the first ITS course delivered on Superbonus 110, which differs from universities because more than 40 percent of the specialized hours are qualified and/or certified.

If you decide to attend this course you will have the opportunity to obtain five certifications, thanks to which it is possible to qualify in the world of work for highly sought-after figures:

  • Energy certifiers
  • Construction site and safety coordinator
  • Bim specialist
  • Level 1 thermographic operator
  • Drone pilot in critical and non-critical situations

In addition, the course allows you to enjoy numerous valuable extra-curricular experiences, such as company viewings, specialized seminars, site visits and professionalizing Summer School, and also allows you to obtain scholarships in collaboration with JAC’s partner companies and associations.

To top it off, the course instructors are qualified and certified professionals (designers, energy certifiers, site experts, BIM Specialists, thermographic operators, climate home consultants) who will pass on to you their direct experiences “in the field.”