JobsAcademy Foundation lands in Dubai for the EXPO!

From December 11 to 15, Councillor Rizzoli’s institutional mission to Dubai for the Expo is confirmed.

The program, during the 4 days, includes meetings with Ministries and economic organizations of the UAE, Expo Commissioners from different countries, companies and chains of the sectors related to ITS areas.

The Councillor represents the entire Lombardy ITS system and we, are among the few ITS in the delegation as a case of excellence!

The St. Michael the Archangel group is attending the event to tell about the great results achieved by JAC and its sister company JobsFactory, which to date have more than 1,500 students enrolled and more than 35 training paths for the current two-year period 2021/2023.

The purpose of the talk is to expand our scientific network thus ensuring more internationalization opportunities for our future Talents.