Business Challenge 2022


At JobsAcademy, the integral development of the person is one of the most important aspects, so much so that during the course of the Talents’ journey we allow each of them to experience different types of experiences that help them to increase their know-how in both the work and personal spheres.

The Business Challenge is one of these fruitful experiences that characterise the project with JAC.


The Business Challenge is a challenge that is proposed to the Talents in JAC with the aim of reproducing corporate and business dynamics in training contexts.

Using specific working methodologies, participants in a Business Challenge work together to develop project ideas on real business cases, stimulating the enhancement of their skills such as analysis, problem solving and leadership in a competitive and interactive environment.

The actions of all participants influence the collective outcome of the group.


The challenge started on 2 May 2022, the teams are made up of Talents from all paths Jac so that everyone can bring their own added value to the group given the different skills of each member.

The progress of the project is evaluated during the checkpoints, the presentation of the complete project will take place on Saturday 11 June in front of a jury. At the end of the day, prizes will be awarded to the winners.

The project consists of

  • 8 different business idea challenges
  • 74 teams working on innovative project ideas
  • 7 facilitators following the teams
  • 8 companies in the country evaluating the projects


The Talents are accompanied towards the development of the various challenges, thanks to the participation of professionals and entrepreneurs.

The event will see the participation of:

Facilitators: They monitor the progress of the team and organise checkpoints to monitor the work together with the companies.

Companies: They propose the challenges and judge the final works.


Sales and marketing A and Web DevelopmentIOT ReadyDevelopment of additional services for an IOT-controlled thermostat and creation of a mission/vision sales strategy
MechatronicsSolemaDevelopment of a project concerning an automatic strapping and palletising system for packages of hives exiting one of the machines
Digital MarketingDuckdiveDevelopment of digital marketing strategy for gin and beer product sales
Sustainable BuildingIride SrlDevelopment of an innovative project related to the sustainable building sector
Human Resources ManagementCCTThe challenge set by the CCT was to solve three problems:
Difficulty in finding new drivers quickly (as HGV licences are long and expensive to obtain), Management of personnel on the road and unloading responsibility for loading/unloading goods (as sometimes employees of external companies ended up loading goods they should not or insured them badly)
Plastic Technology and Industrial DesignLumsonProject development of an eco-friendly lipstick in the haute couture sector.
Digital store managementMister NaturaBusiness idea development in the distribution of fresh products to employees of partner companies
Sales and marketing B and Business software developmentSITDevelopment of an innovative management module (Agon)