“Introduction to the Java language for business systems”

Speaker: Diego Bernini

On Friday 28 October at 18:00
, the webinar “Introduction to the Java language for business systems” will be held. The webinar follows the development of the paths of the IT area of the JobsAcademy Foundation and will be a way to discover, in a dynamic and immersive way, the java world applied to business needs.

Various topics will be addressed during the event, including:

  • Analysing business needs, functions and processes in order to define effective solutions
  • Applying information technology to meet the digital transformation needs of companies
  • Developing software to support business management and automate business processes

The objective of the ITS JobsAcademy Foundation is to guide you towards a conscious choice, developing a path of personal and professional growth.
The collaboration of companies in the realisation of our ITS courses has led over the years to almost 100% of graduates being employed by companies at the end of the course.