A day that has no equal… for us at JobsAcademy the OpenDay is unique, as it allows us to showcase all the features of our training courses and all the distinctive strengths that characterise our reality.

Beauty in all spheres of life is a subject dear to us, and it is for this reason that we have decided to welcome you to our reflective abbey, starting the day together with a few pieces previously selected and performed live. Music and beauty, travelling two parallel routes, make you reflect on yourselves, your choices, your future.

The moments following this reflection feature a detailed explanation of the opportunities offered by JobsAcademy.

Opportunities that do not only involve the merely theoretical-practical growth path conveyed through lessons, workshops and internships, but aim to shed light on all the growth aspects that the Talent will face once he or she has embarked on the JobsAcademy path. A coach, for example, will be assigned to you and will be available for any discussion, professional or personal, with the aim of defining the best way to achieve your desires. Once any doubts have been clarified and the services aimed at the full realisation of our talent have been expressed, the day continues with the division into classes according to the preferences of the chosen pathway. This moment, which is more vertical in terms of information on the chosen training pathway, gives participants the opportunity, through dialogue with the project manager, to truly understand whether the training and growth pathway at JobsAcademy is a place, or your place in the world of work.

The moment experienced in the classroom is followed by a more convivial situation, already allowing our Talents to interact with each other and possibly express questions and concerns, accompanying the experience with a specially designed coffee break.

Desire, along with beauty as mentioned earlier, is a relevant topic, and nowadays almost forgotten. Well, it is precisely this approach that makes the difference for us at JobsAcademy, within our training and growth proposal there are also your dreams, your desires. It is up to you to take the right path and to know how to seize the right opportunities.