Nowadays it is essential to have an open mind toward the International world. This is why the Foundation offers a range of solutions for both academic and professional experience abroad.

One of the courses in the catalog, the International Marketing Management Project, is held entirely in English, the class group is made up of Talents from different countries, and includes in the two-year period an attendance of 4 semesters abroad.

Those who choose different courses will also be able to choose to attend a semester abroad of work or studies.

Study abroad

Nowadays it is essential to have an open mind toward the International world.

During your course, you will have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad* at one of our partner institutes. You will attend lessons with mother-tongue university professors and students from all over the world. The exams you will take will be recognised for your diploma.

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Apprenticeships abroad

Every year, you will be able to enjoy a period of work experience abroad.

This will give you an opportunity to work in contact with professionals from a range of countries, gaining experience in the international jobs market and developing both culturally and professionally.

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The Erasmus+ programme offers you numerous opportunities for experiences abroad, widening your horizons. You can improve your language skills, communicate with people from other countries and enrich your cultural background.

Furthermore, this experience will allow you to gain new skills that will increase your professional standing on the European scene.

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Universities and education institutes with which JAC has collaborated:

Companies that have hosted our Talents for work experience abroad: