More than 2,500 multinational, small and medium partner companies have allowed us to register an average placement rate of more than 95% (96.7% considering the last three-year period).

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Their involvement ranges from the co-planning of educational courses, to conducting in-class modules or workshop activities; from taking on students for apprenticeships to offering three-year course students professional training apprenticeships.

Becoming a partner of JobsAcademy means having the opportunity to encounter a wealth of developing talents, and to guide their training and develop a targeted professional evolution.


  • PRACTICAL WORKSHOPS: Organised to bring out the entrepreneurial spirit of the Talents, such as those set up by the brands Polini Motori, La Piadineria, and WASP.
  • CO-PLANNING AND CO-BRANDING: of educational courses, such as those organised with Microsoft.
  • BUSINESS CHALLENGE AND APPLIED RESEARCH: These give companies the opportunity to stimulate the Talents by calling on them to study specific applicational problems, particular implementation projects or new products. The results often exceed expectations, as was the case with Plastik S.p.A., for which the Talents came up with a new possible use of a patented plastic film, designing more efficient and economical isothermal coverings that those already on the market.

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