HR professions: payroll clerk

The payroll and contributions officer is the person who deals with all aspects related to employee compensation in a company, such as attendance tracking and payroll processing. Not only that, the payroll and contributions clerk also deals with the management of labor relations between the company and employees from a contractual point of view.

Duties and responsibilities

Specifically, the payroll and contributions clerk is the one who prepares employment contracts and related documentation, as well as updating the personnel file. However, as is easy to guess, the most common duties for a payroll clerk are those strictly related to the compilation of pay slips, starting with the monitoring of employees’ attendance, leave, vacation and monthly absences, with the goal of preparing a complete and correct payroll. Another activity in charge of the payroll clerk is the sending of mandatory communications to the appropriate agencies.


In order to perform these duties to the best of their ability, a payroll clerk must necessarily possess the following skills:

Hard skills

  • Payroll processing
  • Accounting skills
  • Knowledge of specific software for human resources management and administration (zucchetti, teamsystem…)
  • Knowledge of the main collective bargaining agreements
  • Knowledge of current regulations
  • Good use of PC


  • Accuracy
  • Attention
  • Time management

Career opportunities

There are numerous growth prospects for this position. In particular, after several years of experience it is possible to qualify as a payroll specialist or payroll manager.

Not only that, career prospects for a payroll clerk can lead to becoming an employment consultant, that is, people who provide assistance to companies on administrative and legal matters.

The salary of a payroll clerk

Regarding the salary of a payroll clerk, on average, earnings are around 25,000€ per year gross. This is an indicative benchmark figure for those with a high level of experience.

How does one become a payroll clerk?

In order to start working as a payroll clerk, it is advisable to have a background in accounting and administrative skills. However, you can also acquire specific skills by attending specialized courses that allow you to get all-round training in the subject.

JAC training course

The JobsAcademy Foundation’s ITS course in human resource management has precisely the goal of providing specialized skills in the field of human resources.

It has a duration of 2 years for a total of 2,000 hours, 800 of which will be carried out within companies in the sector, through two internship periods, to give the opportunity to jump into the world of work and put into practice the skills learned.

In addition, at the end of the course, students have the opportunity to pursue a degree by attending one of the partner universities, both Italian and foreign, or start a personal project.

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