JAC Foundation: the beauty of undertaking 2.0

Understanding that work is a key place for self-growth and where to come to terms with one’s ambitions and limitations: this was the goal of the workshop “The Beauty of Undertaking” organized by JAC May 8-10, 2019 in Rezzato (Bs) at Villa Fenaroli.

Workshop: what it is

The workshop is a time where JAC talents get involved by working on a business case and developing an entrepreneurial project around it.

During the workshop, students, divided into teams with different skills and attitudes, work together to develop a real business idea in a few days and then present their project in front of a panel of professionals.

This is a challenge that JAC issues daily to its students, who are called upon to get involved and develop their entrepreneurial spirit.

We believe that the spirit of entrepreneurship is a fundamental element in the human and professional growth of the talents who experience JAC, and the workshop is a fundamental part of the process of becoming an entrepreneur of oneself.

Workshop: an educational and training experience

Education for work today cannot disregard basic training on the dimensions that characterize the enterprise, which is why JAC’s workshop addresses both organizational issues, with a focus on the market and clients, and topics related to the development of the individual’s skills starting with the relational and communicative dimension.

It is the combination of these elements that can give young people an expanded awareness, making them ready to experience the job market with the goal, through their work, of fulfilling themselves and contributing to a better society.

The different sessions of the “The Beauty of Undertaking” workshop, through entrepreneurial testimonials from Polini Motori Spa, team work and company visits to Curti Spa and the Enzo and Dino Ferrari Autodrome in Imola, led students to discover the beauty of experiencing work as a path to growth within a larger horizon.