From Bergamo to Dubai: JobsAcademy Foundation Talents at Expo 2020 to hone international marketing techniques

The international work experience, sponsored by the Lombardy Region, is part of the International Marketing Management pathway of JAC

Expo Dubai 2020 – 7-11 February 2022

Milan, 7 February 2022 – 40 young Talents from the JobsAcademy Foundation (JAC), the Higher Technical Institute for New Technologies for Made in Italy based in Bergamo, took off this morning from Milan’s Malpensa airport for a 5-day work experience at Expo Dubai 2020.

The work experience, sponsored by the Lombardy Region, is an integral part of JAC’s International Marketing Management course aimed at training international marketing specialists with sophisticated and transversal managerial skills. It envisages a preparatory phase, an international experience and a business simulation in the follow up phase. Through observation and direct participation in Expo Dubai 2020, the talents will put into practice marketing techniques in international markets, work on business development strategies in new countries, and will be able to implement digital marketing tools, experimenting with high-level communication and relational processes.

This is a unique opportunity, for the talents enrolled in the JAC pathway, to be able to observe and deal live with an international marketing laboratory in which 190 countries participate, which can also be replicated in the next universal expositions, starting with Expo Japan 2025. The course aims to provide students with the tools to analyse customer needs in multiple markets, adapt communication to the cultural context, negotiate in complex sales and develop global social media marketing strategies.

The work experiences are part of the JAC training model, which requires each Talent to combine theoretical classroom knowledge with skills developed in the field during workshop and work experiences.

With its 13 post-diploma technical training courses, Jac is in fact the largest ITS in Italy. Being present in Dubai 2020 with the Talents from the JobsAcademy Foundation’s International Marketing pathway will be an opportunity for them to open their minds and look at the world,” says Daniele Nembrini, Founder and President of JobsAcademy Foundation. “We have invested so much in this Work Experience also because we need to enable our Talents to get to grips with work dynamics, skills and development projects that our companies will need in a few years’ time. And in Dubai they will certainly be immersed in the future”.

An important experience aimed at the growth of students’ skills, on the occasion of which the Lombardy Region’s Councillor for Training and Employment, Melania Rizzoli expressed great satisfaction: “We will continue to support young people by intervening on all fronts, so that they acquire the necessary skills to enter the labour market with the appropriate competences. Dedicating resources to international projects means investing in the future by creating complete profiles. The successes achieved so far in Lombardy are the result of the commitment that the Lombardy Region dedicates to its young people. Thanks to the network of international relations that we are building together with the adhesion of the institutions involved, today these young people have the opportunity to broaden their cognitive boundaries and this is the greatest satisfaction. We hope that these 40 students are only the first of many”.

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