JobsAcademy is the most awarded ITS in Italy

Established with 42 enrollees in 2011, this year the JAC- JOBS ACADEMY Foundation will touch the threshold of 2,000 graduates in 13 different pathways, confirming it as the largest ITS (Higher Technical Institute) in Italy.

This year it can also boast the title of Italy’s Most Awarded ITS.

Every year, in fact, the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research) through INDIRE (National Institute for Documentation Innovation Educational Research) draws up the ranking of the best ITS courses in Italy on the basis of several parameters including: attractiveness of the courses, employment rate, consistency of employment with the course completed, and number of partner companies of the individual institutes. There are 89 Italian courses that qualify for the award in six thematic areas.

Already a multiple awardee in 2017, in the 2021 awards JAC dominated the rankings by occupying:

– all three first places for the TECHNOLOGY BUSINESS SERVICES AREA,

o Human Resource Management,

o Digital store manager,

o Digital marketing

– first place for THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AREA with the Web Development course

– the third place in the HOME SYSTEM AREA with the course Sustainable Building.

A great recognition confirming the quality of the work done.

On the other hand, the employment rate speaks for itself: 96.72 percent of JAC graduates (compared to 82 percent of the national average) find a job within 6 months and 90 percent manage to obtain the desired position, in line with their course of study.

Specifically, from 2012 to the present, 100% of graduates in Plastic Technology, Mechatronics and Web Development found employment within six months of graduation.

The placement rates referring to the other disciplinary directions differ by very few percentage points: 98 percent for Sustainable Construction, 97 percent for International Marketing and Human Resources Management, 96 percent for Marketing and Communication, 94 percent for Digital Marketing, 93 percent for Design and 3D Modeling, and 89 percent for Digital and Store Management.

Achievements possible because of the uniqueness of the model: all pathways are designed to simultaneously offer High Technical Specialization, an academic degree and immediate employment thanks to the panel of more than 2,500 partner companies.